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Animal Kingdom Day

SRMPS kindergarten students are often exposed to a variety of activities in order to enhance their hands-on learning experience related to their curriculum. With an objective to sensitize our tiny tots about the animal kingdom, our kindergarten teacher’s teamed up to create the models of many animals to reinforce the concept of “Animal Kingdom”.


The animal kingdom showcased on 31st October 2019, was a culmination of wild, domestic and aquatic animals that were represented in their respective environment. The animal kingdom is an enormous group of organisms that includes over a million different species of animals, keeping this in mind our main courtyard was transformed into an educational animal kingdom for our tiny friends to help them learn in detail and to imbibe the invaluable insight of life from the environment around them.


Our tiny tots were engaged in several activities, like the feeding of the shark activity, paper plate giraffe, paper cup tiger, etc., wherein they enjoyed doing them with great enthusiasm and with 100% involvement.



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