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Black and White Day

Just like we cannot imagine a world without colours, a world without black and white is unimaginable too!

“Black” is visually heavy. It means very strong. Black is most commonly associated with power, authority and strength, whereas, “White” is directly linked to that which is righteous, good and peaceful.

Based on this idea, our kindergarten team celebrated “Black & White” day on 29th January 2020 at SRMPS, which was a fun-filled learning day.

Kids looked beautiful, with their black and white outfits. The young minds explored different black and white objects in their environment and surroundings. A “Show & Tell” activity had been conducted to enhance their speaking skills. Rhymes and songs related to both the colours were also shown .

Our reception courtyard and the respective classrooms were decorated with objects, cutouts & balloons that represent the colour black & white, which gave an elegant appeal.

The children enjoyed doing their takeaways for the day, like cat,dog, penguins, black & white football, etc…
The day was enthralled with black and white concept & the kids were overjoyed to take home their takeaways.


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