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Brown Day

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ROBO PRIX 2K19-2.0

The coveted National level Robotics competition conducted by Robotics club at VIT chennai campus, saw the innovative Master Minds of SRMPS make us proud by their creative potential. Our students competed with other participants of different robotic club all over India and they secured 1st place in the ‘Robo Soccer’ and 2nd place in the ‘Speed Trap’ category.


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Orange Colour Day

Orange, the colour of encouragement. The combination of yellow & red makes orange convey excitement, warmth and enthusiasm. It is a motivating and encouraging colour that appeals young people.


On 18th October 2019, “Orange Colour Day” was celebrated by SRMPS Pre-KG & LKG kids, with a wing of great zeal and zest. The courtyard was beautifully decorated with orange colour objects and balloons. The children did individual and group activity using the colour orange as a theme and learnt interesting facts about it.


Our little kids were dressed in shades of vibrant orange colour and was shining bright. They brought Orange coloured objects and explored more. The lively and cheerful kindergarteners put up a great show.


In a nutshell, the purpose of this activity was fulfilled with each and every child emitting enthusiasm, vigor and zest.



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The educators experiential learning programme

The educators experiential learning programme was a great experience. Unlike regular programs, this unique program witnessed diverse participants with rich experience allowed us not just sharpen our skills as an educator but has also facilitated to sharpen skills for life.


Visiting schools which were structured with focused learners made us realise that every school should focus on educating learners the learning skills apart from being a knowledge hub.


The self-disciplined learners with focus on task and vibrant classrooms with visuals with emphasis on language and key concepts was a treat to our eyes and learning for life. It was yet another opportunity to remind us that education is for transformation and the educators are the transformers.


A special note of thanks to Dr. K. R. Maalathi, Advisor SRM Public School and CEO & Partner, Auuro Education Services, for having organized this wonderful event for us.


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Field Trip to Vandalur Zoo

An educational trip to the Vandalur Zoo was organised for the students of UKG and LKG on 14th and 16th October 2019 respectively to enhance their learning experience on the ongoing concept ‘Rumble In the Jungle’.


The visit to the Zoo gave students a better understanding, as well as it was a visual treat for our tiny tots. One of the Zookeeper explained to the students about the different kind of animals as they were passing by the animal cages. The students were excited to see the animals in their close vicinity & also had an extended learning on their habitats. The field trip was an enjoyable and informative experience for the Kindergarten students as most of them visited the Zoo with their peer groups for the first time.


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Winners of UPHEAVAL ’19

Our students participated in UPHEAVAL ’19 – 4th Interschool Management Fest of SRMIST and won the various events respectively :
1st Place – Group Dance
1st Place – Junk Art
1st Place – Quiz
3rd Place – Comic Strip



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Vijayadashami Pooja Celebration

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“TECHNOLOGY AVANT-GARDE SCHOOL” award, by Education World

It’s with great pleasure, we are sharing the achievement of SRM Public School.


SRM Public School has bagged the All India 5th position amongst the TOP 1000 schools with the title “TECHNOLOGY AVANT-GARDE SCHOOL” in the Annual “Educational World” School Ranking award ceremony, held on 28-Sep-2019 in New Delhi,.


Thanking each one of you for the support extended in making us within Top 5 in the country.


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Golu Celebration

Navarati is a popular festival of worshipping Goddess Durga (the Divine mother the symbol of power and purity) and her many avatars. It is observed for nine nights and celebrated differently in various parts of India.


On Mahalaya Amavasya day 2019 SRMPS team has displayed Golu with lots of enthusiasm and passion. Students brought fascinating Golu dolls for the display which has been arranged into 7 odd steps. We have displayed idols of Ganesha, Durga, Lakshmi , Saraswathi ,Vishnu, Shiva ,Dasavathar set, Krishna set while the bottom steps are occupied by animal, human and inanimate statues. Statues of freedom fighters & chettiar bommai are also the part of grand display. Prayers, lamps, and sweets are offered to the goddess with Aarti on all nine days.


Navaratri festival is observed to acknowledge the defeat of evil by the forces of good.


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Yellow and Green Day

With great zeal and enthusiasm the “Yellow and Green Day” was celebrated by SRMPS Jr. Kindergarten children on 18th September 2019.

Yellow the colour of sunshine, joy & happiness, whereas Green symbolizing nature, growth, spring and harmony are reinforced to our tiny tots through colourful displays in and around phase 1 courtyard and the respective classrooms.


The children and the teachers were dressed in yellow and green attire that added the true essence of the day.


Teachers had planned several activities for their children to identify and recognize the colours, and they were thrilled to make their “Take Aways” such as corn, mango, chick, butterfly, lemon & duck to their respective homes to showcase the talent & learning.


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