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Fit India Freedom run from 15th August to 2nd October is a CBSE initiative for all its stakeholders and specially students. Having a daily regime of running can add years to life and life to years. Considering the Covid 19 situation running is by far the best option to stay fit provided that the people adhere to the social distancing norms laid down by the government.


SRM Public School is proud to inform you that our school has received an organiser certificate in the FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN Event. The students of Grade 7 to Grade 10 had actively participated in the event.   The drive was organized under guidance of     Ms. S. Bhuvaneshwari, Principal, SRM Public School.  The students, teachers and parents were asked to choose a suitable time for running, keeping social distance in mind. They had to document this through any fitness app and send the screenshot to the school.


A couple of stakeholders have benefitted through this endeavour and have now incorporated it in their daily routine. They unanimously agree that by and large this is a wonderful way to keep away stress, anxiety, and depression with no specialized equipment or a structured Gym.


The Department of Physical Education  appreciates the students who participated.


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