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KG Students Activities


“Learning can happen anywhere, anytime…       Children learn as they play…”


Though the whole world is going through a pandemic situation our little minds are engaged with the learning. We have transformed our teaching methodologies by making use of adaptive technology exploring new verticals.


Our young learners adapted to the E – learning system by watching our videos and game-based activities, painting, drawing, music, singing and dancing. The various activities which enhances their creativity, eye and hand coordination, builds up a concentration, listening and communication skills.


We have received many Photographs of colourful activities, songs and self-introductory videos from our blooming stars. It is really nice to see all the children involved as it was obvious of all the efforts that has been put in.


Here we present a few images which give a smile on our face when we see their work and we are very proud of our children always.


It is just a beginning…..


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