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Kiddies Sports Meet

Sports, whether team-based or individual, are great for children as they provide not just physical activity, but also help build children’s self-esteem, confidence, social skills and motivate them to excel in life.

In recognition of the importance of sports in a child’s life, we at SRMPS celebrated the Kiddies Sports Day on 10th January 2020, exclusively for our Kindergarten children.

Kindergarten celebrated the Spirit of Childhood and entertained the audience with a spectacular drill performance, races etc.,.

The day began by invoking God’s blessings, followed by the Welcome speech,  flag hoisting and then our Chief Guest “Ms.Deepa Aathreya” declared the “SPORTS MEET OPEN”

It was indeed a beautiful sight to see our tiny tots performing to the best of their ability and all of them were winners all the way. The children’s attitude was amazing and contagious!

The Chief Guests Ms. Deepa Aathreya along with our Correspondent, Mr.M.Subramanian, our Advisor Dr.K R.Maalathi and our beloved Principal Ms.S.Bhuvaneshwari had a captivating evening watching the tiny tots participate with great enthusiasm and exuberance.

Children participated in large numbers for the engaging and innovative events, the sequence of the events are as follows –  “FIT INDIA” parade by , the Ribbon exercise,  Pompom dance by LKG, Hula Hoop Exercise & Aerobics with fan by UKG.

As for the races like the Bunny race by Pre-Kg, Running race by LKG, Running race ,relay race & Obstacle race by UKG kids ,which got the crowd cheering. Kids were enthralled indulging games like the ‘Flower gathering’ by Pre-Kg and “Ball gathering” by LKG .

The proud winners of the races were felicitated with medals and a certificate. For the little ones, it is important that they participate in Sports Day as they gradually get to understand that daily sports and games are a part of healthy life.

Children and teachers immensely enjoyed the Sports Day.

We were delighted to see the enthusiasm among both parents and children as the fun-filled day came to an end.


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