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Meet the Author

A dream come true!!!

Meeting our favourite author always makes us ecstatic. It happened so on 28 November 2019 at Crown plaza, Adayar park   when we met the living legend Mr. Ruskin Bond, the great author, essayist, short story writr, poet of all times. The session with Mr. Bond, organized by Ratna sagar publications made our day fulfilling with a sense of pride, joy  and satisfaction. Mr. Bond bonded well with the students and educators and captivated each of them through his humorous sense. A few excerpts from his genres were discussed to retell the amusing events that happened and commemorate the birth of the hallmark characters. His anecdotes made us understand  that he’ s a person next door not far away from us. No wonder he’ s children’ s favourite! The living legend deserves a big salute for rendering us beautiful creations which leave us spell bound.

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