Online Classes

The Coronavirus pandemic has led the schools to close down ahead of our scheduled summer vacation which has led to the distruption and teaching and learning amongst children. As children can’t attend classes in person, We at SRMPS have started our online classes for grade 10 from 26thMarch, for grade 9 from 30thMarch and for grade 11 from 01st July via Zoom and for rest of the grades through video lessons.

The daily lessons for Pre-KG through grade 8 include four separate learning experiences, built around a story or video. Children can do them on their own, with their families or with their teachers. The lessons last up to three hours and can be completed on any device.

For Grades 9 & 10, we have started our rigorous academic lessons through a scheduled timing everyday by covering 4 important subjects every day for 4 hours. At the end of every unit, there is an online assessment using Moodle platform is also conducted. For further details on these parents can contact their respective class teachers.

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