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Rally on Conservation of Water

Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Humans need water to drink, grow food, and clean water also provides our homes with a healthy environment. Animals that live on land and those that live in lakes, ponds, and oceans also need clean water to survive and thrive.



Teaching about the water crisis, taking action to conserve and preserve water, ensuring that all people and animals have to access clean drinking water, from water scarcity to drinking contaminated water, the water crisis has many faces.


Keeping with the spirit of being a responsible citizen and of course celebrating our natural resources are all important parts of a Water Awareness and Action Campaign. The senior kindergarten children of SRM Public School conducted a rally on February 12, 2020, to create awareness about water conservation among everyone.


The little ones marched within the school campus and went around each classroom with the slogans “Water is precious”, “Save Water Save Life” carrying placards, emphasizing on the need to preserve water. The children reiterate the fact that we all need to make a conscious effort to ‘Save our planet Earth by saving water’.


With each passing year, we are facing looming warnings with calamities such as droughts, floods or water pollution. Climatic and environmental changes and resource scarcity are the biggest threats that the world is facing today.


Hosting a Water Awareness Campaign at school is a great way to learn and teach about water issues that directly affect our community. It is an excellent way to educate students, teachers, and families about the environmental impacts of their actions and provide them with the tools needed to conserve and preserve water both at home and at school.



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