Vision, Mission and Core Values



To offer a nurturing learning environment where the social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of children are fulfilled, thereby enabling them to grow holistically in every sense.


To impart world-class academic excellence, fully understanding the contemporary expectations of a 21st century educational institution.

To nurture diverse talents in the varied forms of art, music, dance and sports in addition to excellent academic prowess, thus promoting the all-round development of each child.

To inculcate the art of kindness to all forms of life as well as the values of truth, honesty, transparency and straightforwardness in thoughts and actions through consistent practice every day in study and play.

To motivate educators to be well informed, employ innovative teaching methodologies, and create meaningful learning experiences for the students.



Instilling in children the daily practice of doing the right thing at the right time while being true to themselves at all times.


Respect for self, respect for the nation, and respect for people around them.


Embedding the spirit of leadership to initiate, lead, and inspire others while accepting responsibility for themselves.


Creating a culture of excellence to pursue their passions.


Encouraging community and social responsibility.

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