The need for holistic learning is ever-growing and this we pride on the fact that the students of SRMPS are free to explore and choose their avenues of interest from the unique clubs that we offer. Our 11 clubs are specialized learning platforms that encompass the entire student and teacher body.

  • Astronomy
  • Think Tank
  • Finger Craft
  • Toastmaster
  • Literary
  • Scout & Guides
  • School Band
  • MUN
  • Quiz
  • Eco
  • Photography
  • Theatre
  • Movie Making
  • Quality Circle

Sapling Plantation :

SRM Public School always strives to create awareness about the environment among students. With the noble mission of making our city green and serene, SRM Public School participated in Bharath Scouts & Guides Tree Plantation Drive on Tuesday 29th September 2020. The motto behind this mega initiative was an effort to reduce air pollution in Tamil Nadu which has reached alarming levels. The drive was organized under the patronage and guidance of Ms. S. Bhuvaneshwari, Principal, SRM Public School.


We are happy to inform you that our students (Scout & Guide and Cub & Bulbul Unit) and staff had planted saplings in their immediate surroundings and we are sure that their initiative will be a motivating factor in encouraging others to follow their example.


A group of enthusiastic SRMPS Scouts & guides planted more than 20 saplings of herbal plants such as Curry Leaves, Neem, Basil, Guava, Ashwgandha etc. i.e., the herbal garden within the school


premises and residential society but also energetically carried the drive in the neighbouring area. The students planted saplings in the garden of a residential society to raise awareness and consciousness about environment among the masses. The residents welcomed and supported the endeavour wholeheartedly. The drive was a huge success empowering students with substantial knowledge of environment and plants and simultaneously enhancing their social skills.


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Finger Craft

Greatness begins with a simple thought and this motto holds true for our Finger Craft Club, which is a space for artistic individuals who innovate and create.

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Theatre Club

For those who love to captivate their audience with their performance on stage, the Theatre Club is the place to be ! Tapping into the roots of multi-cultural theatrics, the Theatre Club at SRMPS nurtures aspiring entertainers.

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Video Making Club

Our Video Making Club provides a learning opportunity for our students to step into the world of motion pictures and equips them with the skillset to be an influencer in the digital world of the future.

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Think Tank Club

The Think Tank Club is a portal to share ideas, thoughts and more. This club inspires the little thinkers of SRMPS
to execute their ideas and have fun while doing so.

Skating Club

This fun club is designed for those who are zealous about skating. A new future on wheels awaits the Skating Club of SRMPS.

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Scout & Guides Club

SRMPS recognizes the oldest Club in the Indian Schooling history by offering it to its students. This club aims at making children bold, dexterous and active.

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School Band Club

The lovers of music and rhythm unite in the school band of SRMPS. The School Band harmonizes the festivals, celebrations and ceremonies with its harmonious music.

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Photography Club

To compliment the digital era we live in, our children at SRMPS are given the exclusive platform to experience the world through the lenses of a camera and frame a new and vibrant future in the Photography Club !

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Quiz Club

A club for the knowledge seekers, who have an unquenchable curiosity to learn. This is a club for the inquisitive learns with a passion to expand their knowledge.

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Gavel Club

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Astronomy Club

The shining stars of SRMPS are not limited to the sky. They explore the beyond and much more in the Astronomy Club.

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Toastmasters Club

The club that nurtures the speakers and orators who will lead and unite the world in the future, the Toastmasters Club is a platform for the leaders of the future.


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