Our School

SRM Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Senior Secondary Education (CBSE- Affiliation No.:1930869). We had a humble beginning in the year 2017 with 700 students which has crossed 2180 in the year 2021. Our school is located on the main road spread over 3 verdant acres with lot of free space and greenery inspire love for nature in anyone who walks through our doors. From herbal garden to native trees our campus is an eco-friendly green and clean campus with breathing walls which ensures conducive learning environment.

It has spacious classrooms and learning corners with hazel free walk through corridors and steps. Individualized learning hubs, common activity zones, and well-equipped sports facilities ensure that children develop holistically to their highest potential-whether it is academically, cognitively, emotionally, creatively or socially.

We believe that happy learning environment will create happy human who will uphold values with a scientific mind. Our community strive in understanding our learners, building on their strength and making them lead with responsibility. We sustain their curiosity by encouraging them towards independent research and motivate them to explore for we believe that thinking minds will lead the future.

We celebrate every act in our community, as togetherness is the key to success. The confidence, independence, and global thinking that we foster in our students is balanced with the timeless values of respect for all life, living a life with integrity and being responsible to one’s community.

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