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Floral Day

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Meet the Author

A dream come true!!!

Meeting our favourite author always makes us ecstatic. It happened so on 28 November 2019 at Crown plaza, Adayar park   when we met the living legend Mr. Ruskin Bond, the great author, essayist, short story writr, poet of all times. The session with Mr. Bond, organized by Ratna sagar publications made our day fulfilling with a sense of pride, joy  and satisfaction. Mr. Bond bonded well with the students and educators and captivated each of them through his humorous sense. A few excerpts from his genres were discussed to retell the amusing events that happened and commemorate the birth of the hallmark characters. His anecdotes made us understand  that he’ s a person next door not far away from us. No wonder he’ s children’ s favourite! The living legend deserves a big salute for rendering us beautiful creations which leave us spell bound.

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Field Trip – Grade 3

SRMPS had organised an educational field trip for grade 3 students to the farm house at Potheri and Maraimalainagar on 13th November 2019 to enhance their learning experience on the concept ‘The plant fairy and Flying High’.

The visit to the farm house gave a better understanding as well as it was an experiential learning. One of the resource person explained in detail about the types of plants and different breed of animals. The students interacted and arised number of questions to them. This was an unforgettable experience as the students enjoyed a lot.

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Field Trip – Grade 4 & 5

A field trip to Dakshinchitra (“a living museum of art, architecture, crafts and performing arts of South India”) was arranged for the students of Grade IV and V on Wednesday, 13th November 2019. Children were awestruck by looking at the traditional culture of Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. This exhibit took them back in time to relish and to live life of the Dravidians in the ancient time.
Children were taken on a tour through various houses at Dakshinchitra, the need for things in the various houses were well explained. They learned about different kinds of houses including Weavers’ and Potters’. Watching the potter making pot by just molding the clay on a wheel was indeed a learning experience for them.

The most exciting part of the field trip was the shadow puppet show. It was a memorable journey for all our students.


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Children’s Day Celebration

14th of November is celebrated as children’s day every year all over India. Jawaharlal Nehru, born on November 14 was the first Prime Minister of the country. Children’s Day is celebrated on his birthday because of his endless love & affection for children. Nehru was very fond of children and he strongly believed that children are the future of the nation. Children call him as Chacha Nehru as they love and respect him a lot.
Children’s day for Kindergarten at SRMPS was celebrated with different cultural programs and events organised by the teachers for their students. The celebration included the skit by the UKG teachers, followed by dance performance and the puppet show by the LKG & Pre-KG teachers which was totally enjoyed by the children.
Children with great excitement participated in various activities, such as colouring, played individual games, group activities, and also they made their own take-aways. They were treated with sweets also. They were also shown children’s movies.
It was celebrated across all compartments. Children had loads of fun as they were surprised & happy to see their respective teachers perform for them on stage.
Children’s Day is all about respecting and honoring children who are considered to be the future leaders of the nation.
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Plastic Free Tamilnadu

Student Exchange Program @ Prag Robotics

Students from Dr.Holmes Academy, Punjab had a session on Prag Robotics as a part of the exchange programme. They were taken through a very interesting and informative session by the respective team. A glimpse of the same could be viewed on YouTube on the following link –  

Student Exchange Program

Exchange Programmes are a way for students from different parts of the country to experience education and culture along with their peers. Students & Staff of Dr.Holmes Academy, Bathinda, Punjab are on their cultural exchange programme at SRM Public School between the 6th of November & the 12th of November. The students had interactive sessions with our educators and really felt what a day at SRMPS feels like for a young learner. We hope that their stay here a joyful memory of cross culture learning that these students and teachers will always carry with them.


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Animal Parade Day

In continuation of our “Animal Kingdom” day, wherein our children had extended learning through various activities and displays of animals in different forms, our tiny friends from the Pre-KG had an animal parade on 6th November 2019 at SRMPS premises.


The animal parade was with a message to save the animal kingdom, save nature and earth. The tiny tots who are the upcoming generation had been taught the importance of Animals as a part of this world and our responsibility towards taking care of them.


They went on a parade around the campus wearing different animal costumes and making the sounds of the respective animals. They visited many classes and showcased their learning about different animals. They had a lot of fun and gained laurels and applaud from their audience.



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Workshop on Gender Sensitivity

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