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srm public school principal message

SRMPS is a learning environment where every experience through exposure and exploration facilitate learning for life filled with fun and treasurable memories. It is indeed an honour to head a school with proactive educators creating a habitat of learning, preparing students for their life and not just career. We believe that the purpose of education is not just to impart knowledge, but to transform children to create a happy and a healthy environment to live. Every child is born with a talent. We believe that school is an extension of home and home is part of a community. It is the responsibility of the family and the school to create contributors with value, who can build a good community creating a harmonious environment to live. Bearing in mind our young minds are the future of this world, it is the duty of the family and school to make our children realise their power by building character, skills for life and educating them to be mindful in all the roles that they play as a human. Being humane with thirst to contribute is the key to a successful life. We look for the spark in every child, nurture it and make it shine like a sun to dispel darkness, which is the role of a GURU. We at SRMPS strongly believe in collaborating with parents and community, for we are building a nation CHANGE MAKERS.



Mrs.Bhuvaneshwari S


SRM Public School

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