Parents are an important part of the SRM community and we view them as partners who support and strengthen our education platform. An SRM parent plays an active part in complementing what we do at school to extend learning, post the regular school day.

Parents are kept informed of all school events through a monthly newsletter. They can follow their child’s progress through regular and detailed school reports and through the parents’ web portal.

SRM welcomes parents to visit the school and discuss matters of concern with relevant faculty on the assigned dates (e.g., Open Day). Frequent and appropriate engagement between parents and teachers ensures that all key stakeholders are well-informed about the student’s progress.

We encourage and expect parents to:

  • Be a role model for appropriate ethical and moral values and behaviour which enables the student to be a caring and responsible human being.
  • See themselves as partners of SRM, supporting the institution in the student’s education.
  • Be aware of the school philosophy and policies mentioned in the student handbook.
  • Provide guidance and encourage self-discipline in the student by making him/her aware of do’s and don’ts while at school.
  • Provide relevant feedback and constructive criticism to the school administration in areas where applicable.
  • Engage actively in the designated forums with teachers in discussing student progress, achievements, and developmental needs.
  • Volunteer to assist teachers, when solicited, with school programmes, in-class activities, field trips, etc.
  • Attend parent and annual days when scheduled.
  • Take pride in being an SRM parent and having their child attend one of India’s premier educational institutions.
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