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srm public school director message

In a result-oriented and performance-driven world, we tend to overlook the importance of caring for the environment. With climate change becoming the topic sentence of every nation around the world, it is only fitting that education focuses on the need to preserve the environment. At SRMPS, our students are taught to be considerate of their surroundings. Social responsibility is a part of their curriculum starting from Kindergarten. As a school, we boast of an ecofriendly design with space for plants and gardens all around. The campus is kept neat and clean at any given time and we are a plastic-free community of educators and learners. We are moving towards minimizing the use of paper as well. Our students are encouraged to participate in green rallies and adopt an eco-positive way of life. In every way, we instill the values of being meaningful citizens of India and the world.


Ms. Manimangai Sathyanarayanan

Director, SRMPS

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