“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

– John Dewey


SRM follows guidelines set by the Central Board of Senior Secondary Education (CBSE). Each student benefits from a complementary skill set and classes in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Visual and Performing arts.

The curriculum at SRM Public School, Guduvanchery is designed to enable students to develop critical skills necessary for success in the real world by incorporating experiential learning and multi-disciplinary teaching methods. The core tenet behind our curriculum at SRM Public School design is recognising the fact that learning is a dynamic process and each student learns differently. Students are encouraged in their individual area of interest while being exposed to a multitude of topics, scenarios, and situations to help them become competent and capable learners.

English is the medium of instruction and is taught as the first language. Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit are taught as a second & third language.


No feat is too little to celebrate when it comes to our little ones at SRMPS. Our students are cherished, celebrated and nurtured to find their own identity and develop a strong moral conscience from the day they become a part of the SRMPS family.

Our little ones navigate through their early schooling years participating in structured and unstructured activities through SPICE (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional) education that will aid in their holistic growth.

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The mother teacher concept at the pre-primary classes help the children to get used to the regular academic stream, moving from the kindergarten wherein the mother teacher takes care of their social, physical, intellectual and emotional needs by giving them enough space to express and settle.


Conceptualised learning is practiced from the primary level where the students are introduced to new subjects and concepts including STEAM by strengthening and building on their prior knowledge.

Student clubs are available for children from grade 4 onwards where they can have fun and hone their curricular and co – curricular skills.

Tamil / Hindi are offered as second and third languages.


The secondary children (Grades 6 – 10) of SRMPS are encouraged towards deeper learning with emphasis on strengthening the fundamentals of core concepts.

The divergent smart classrooms from Grades 6 onwards provide the dynamic versatility in learning that our growing minds need to excel.

Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit are offered to students from Grades 6 onwards as the options to choose for second and third languages respectively.

Language Arts

Language Arts

Developing good readers, writers, listeners, and speakers through age-appropriate materials ranging from fiction, non-fiction, stories, and poems from different cultures.



A balanced program to gain in-depth understanding of concepts and their applications.

Social Studies

Social Studies

History and geography brought to life through field trips, art projects, films, guest speakers, role plays, books, external reference materials, current news and articles, research and independent learning.



Science is made interesting and fun at the same time through working in teams, experimentation, and hands-on lessons in labs and through innovative projects.

Senior Secondary (Grades XI & XII)

From its inception, Senior secondary classes at SRMPS cater to differentiated education in varying degrees according to the needs, interests, and aptitudes of the students. It is a gateway to a successful professional life in the society with smorgasbord of options for the sciences and humanities. The concepts in different disciplines are dealt in depth with rigor. Students are prepared to become a global contributor by strengthening their ability to be a critical thinker, problem solver, efficient communicator and a willful collaborator. Endowed with the right infrastructure and conducive learning environment, our faculty inculcate positive attitude and motivate students to become selflearners, relate subjects to life by adopting interdisciplinary learning approach. Our young minds are given global exposure which would facilitate them to make the right choice of higher studies and career.

Language Arts

Information Technology

Digital literacy and extensive use of technology has a great connect and impact influencing the sphere of human activity. The course will equip students with skills to analyze various problems, maintain hardware and software system, demonstrating logical thinking and problem solving ability. Students will be able to work independently and become a developer, recognize various internet devices and threats to cyber security with better employability and vocational competency.

Language Arts


SRMPS believe in creating young entrepreneurs who will change the dynamics of the global economy. Entrepreneurial mindset will harness skills required for life from becoming an effective thinker to efficient communicator who will be risk taker and a creator of opportunities. With the evolving academic pursuit and depletion of resources, we need to create a society with minds to work on sustainability and economic success. The idea of this course is to create “job providers” rather than “job seekers”.

Language Arts


The students at SRMPS are exposed to ever changing and involving media and entertainment industry with complete knowledge and hands on experience to enhance their natural talent through the sixth subject Media a curriculum which give scope to exhibit their talents through posters, in-house journals, mime shows, street plays, short films, documentary reviewing, photography, etc., They understand the convergence of media as a futuristic trend, opening up with more exciting career and creative opportunities.

Language Arts

Geospatial Technology

SRMPS introduces students to Geospatial thinking and technology, as part of an effort to combine hands-on lessons with emerging technology. They obtain insight into geospatial database concepts, creating and developing GIS applications both theoretically and extensive practical exercises to solve real-world issues. We design classroom lessons from technology that will engage students and deepen their understanding. It is a part of a push toward “authentic” learning and experiences.

Language Arts

Business Administration

SRMPS believes in developing administrative skills in students which is an essential to lead a happy and balanced life. To be successful in life and work, planning and execution with sound knowledge about work, business and economy is mandatory. Under Business Administration, students are challenged with problems and given space to solve through collaboration and individual ability.

Language Arts

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Graphics is the universal language of Engineers known as ‘Engineering Graphics’, an indispensable tool for Engineers, Technocrats Architects, Draftsmen, Surveyors, Designers and many other professionals in the recent times. The knowledge gained through the study of different topics and the skills acquired through the prescribed practical work will make the students to meet the challenges of academic, professional courses and daily life situations after studying the subject at Senior Secondary Stage.

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