The SRM teaching staff community is as broad-ranging in its interests as it is diverse. A diverse community of teachers is important for us to successfully deliver on our philosophy of providing a platform for holistic education.

Our teachers include individuals from different parts of India who wear multiple hats – as teachers, scholars, mentors, counsellors, and community leaders. It is important to us that our teachers are responsible and compassionate individuals who personify the SRM spirit of learning, thus helping students maximize their potential and emerge as responsible global citizens.

Parents have always expected much more than just academic instruction and vocational training from teachers. Keeping this in mind, SRM has established a rigorous process for interviewing and selecting teachers. All teachers are carefully selected after personal interviews with the Principal and the Board of Directors. Previous exposure to CBSE education systems, advanced degrees from reputed domestic and international institutes, and strength of functional expertise are traits preferred by us in our selection criteria.

As a school, we are committed to ongoing professional development of our teachers. All teachers are required to complete a certain number of training hours per academic year. This includes regular subject-specific in-house trainings, participation in personality development workshops, professional advancement programmes, conferences and training opportunities hosted by CBSE, and other national and international education organisations.

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Staff Details:



Affiliation No. 1930869
Principal 1
Vice Principal Academics 1
PGTs 20
TGT 25
PRTs 36
NTTs 15
Special Educator 2
Wellness Teacher 1
Supervisor 1
Art Teacher 3
Music Teacher 3
Dance Teacher 1
Librarian 1
Lab-Assistant 1
Nurse 1
Mentor 1
KG Teaching Assistant 6
Admin Staff 12
Total Staff 136

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