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srm public school correspondent message

It is my firm belief that a joyful learner will learn with passion and be a meaningful contributor to society. In the race after the mundane, we often forget to focus on happiness which should ideally be the ultimate goal of a human being. At SRMPS, we reinforce the need for students to be happy school goers who will one day stand to positively impact society. To this effect, our enlightened team of educators work hard to nurture the children under their care. They strive to create a safe, positive and vibrant environment which is conducive to learning. Our student community is highly motivated and they learn with a view to retain for life. We impart holistic education with a strong inclination towards values and life skills. Our students are given the space and time to think, innovate and discover. They are facilitated in such a way that their creativity finds unrestricted expression. SRMPS is a temple of learning where minds are inspired and lives are enriched.


Mr. M. Subramanian

Correspondent, SRMPS

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