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Bouquet Making – Happy Tots

The flower lightens up the any celebration. It conveys our feelings and emotions in a most graceful way.
LKG Happytots prepared beautiful bouquets with flowers of bright colours, beautiful shapes, and the amazing fragrance. They proudly presented these bouquets to Correspondent sir, Advisor ma’am, Principal ma’am and VP ma’am. It was an excellent experience and happy learning.


Winged Wonders

Birds play a vital role in keeping the balance of nature. Seeing the fearless and free birds in the sky birds make us wonder, what would it be like to fly?
The stunning colours , the varied patterns and the unique melodies are what makes birds loved by all. These birds simply make us stop and stare or just soak in the melody. Bird watching enhances observation skills, patience, a sense of wonder, promoting a connection with the natural world.
To get the feeling of bird sanctuary the courtyard of SRMPS was decorated with variety of birds. Children were given a tour of the courtyard and encouraged to appreciate the beauty of the avian marvels. As a part of this day they made several group activities.


Global Educational Fair 2023

Monthly Activity Planner – December 2023

CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Adolescence Education

‘ Adolescence is a conjugator of childhood and adulthood ‘
At SRMPS we understand the issues that students face during their adolescent age and we are committed to empowering them through various initiatives.In pursuit of this goal , CBSE Capacity Building Programme was hosted by SRMPS , around 60 teachers attended the programme .The workshop aimed to educate teachers on adolescent issues and related problems further to help students overcome the tribulations faced and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.Two eminent resource persons Mr.Bhavanishankar and Mrs.Maya Sivaramakrishnan discussed various key interventions to build life skill of adolescents.


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Chitrapata – Interschool Art & Craft Competition

Animal Kingdom Activity – LKG Happytots

Animal plays an important role in our lives. Caring for an animal instils respect for life and give children an understanding of how their behaviour can affect others. To embrace the learning LKG Happytots performed various art activity like Bubble warp Dinosaur, Fork painted lion craft and Finger puppets. These art activities helped children in critical thinking, develop their fine motor skills language skills, social skills and decision-making skills.


Chitrapata Valedictory Ceremony

Capacity Building Programme on Adolescence Education

Interaction Session with parents of Grade XII about Examination Stress

Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them. With this underlying intention, the advisor of SRMPS, Dr K R Maalathi addressed the parents of the students of Grade 12, on November 22, 2023. In an interactive session, Dr Maalathi, shared parenting tips and insights to reduce the anxiety and stress, that the board going students might be facing. She also advised parents to have casual chats with the child to allow the child to unburden their fears and place their trust in the child to give them confidence and positive reinforcement. Towards the end, the parents shared their suggestions about how revisions can be made more effective.


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